Pad Thai Downtown Akron
12 E Exchange St | Akron, OH 44308 | (330)-434-1888


(Mon - Fri. 3:00pm - 10:00pm)


Crispy springs rolls filled with shrimp, chicken, and vegetables. Served with Thai chili sauce.

Crispy fried puffs with a filling of crab meat, onions, and cream cheese.

Hand roll filled with a gourmet mixture of pork and vegetables.

A light crispy shell with a delicate filling of fresh Chinese vegetables.

Vietnamese Roll (Cha Gio)

Thin rice pancake wrapped with cabbage, glass-noodles, and seasoned ground pork. Deep fried to a golden brown, served with sweet plum sauce and ground peanuts.

Thin rice pancake wrapped with shrimp, chicken, lettuce, and fresh basil. Served with Thai sauce and ground peanuts.

Shrimp and pork filled dumplings. Served with cucumber and fried onions in a Thai spicy sauce.

Paper thin rolled tofu deep fried until crisp, served with house peanut sauce.

4 skewers of marinated chicken/beef. Fried and served with peanut sauce.

6 tender dough pockets stuffed with pork or vegetables. Served with our special dipping sauce.

Your choice of pork or vegetable filled dumplings pan-fried to a crisp.

Pan-fried pork wontons with hot and spicy sauce.

Deep-fried wings tossed in our spicy garlic sauce.

Minced chicken sauteed with scallions and water chestnuts in a spicy sauce. Served with iceberg lettuce wedge.

Lightly battered shrimp or squid. Quick-tossed with garlic, scallions, and hot pepper. In our special pepper spice.

Crispy fried shrimp tossed in our sweet Thai sauce, served on a bed of crispy noodles.


Japanese bean paste, seaweed and tofu.

Pork and shrimp wrapped in a thin wonton skin, served in a clear broth topped with fried onions.

Spicy sour soup with bamboo, mushrooms, and lemongrass.

Spicy sour soup with bamboo, mushrooms, lemongrass, and shrimp.

Midly spiced coconut sour soup with chicken or vegetables, bamboo, and mushrooms.

Midly spiced coconut sour soup with shrimp, bamboo, and mushrooms.

A traditional hot and sour peppery soup with tofu, bamboo, and water chestnuts.

Shrimp, scallop, crab meat, mussel, squid, bamboo, and mushrooms combined in a Tom-Yum broth served in a hot pot.


Our signature dish of rice noodles stir-fried with egg, shrimp, and chicken. Garnished with bean sprouts and ground peanuts.

Rice noodles, bean sprouts, and slices of beef served in a rich beef broth. Garnished with fresh basil.

Onions, carrots, bean sprouts, and egg noodles. Tossed in our special Teriyaki sauce. Choice of beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, or vegetables.

Broccoli, mushroom, onion, bamboo, baby corn, red pepper, and bean sprouts. Sauteed with a choice of beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, or vegetables in a rich brown sauce. Served on a bed of pan-fried noodles.

Spaghetti noodles tossed with vegetables, shrimp, and pork in a coconut or mild spicy Thai chili sauce.

Rice noodles broccoli, bell peppers, carrot, onion, and scrambled egg tossed in a mild sauce. Choice of beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, vegetable, or tofu.

Rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables and fresh basil in a spicy soy sauce. Choice of beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, vegetable, or tofu.


Iceberg lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, carrot, onion, and bean sprouts served with our Thai peanut dressing.

Fresh-tossed Thai salad topped with marinated beef or chicken served with Thai dressing and ground peanuts.

Ground chicken or beef, onion, cilantro, basil, and roasted rice combined in a Thai spicy lemon dressing. Served with a wedge of iceberg lettuce.

Minced pork or chicken, ginger, shallot, cilantro, and ground peanuts in a Thai spicy lemon dressing. Served with iceberg lettuce.

Sushi-grade tuna seared to perfection served on top of our house salad.

Sushi-grade salmon seared to perfection served on top of our house salad.


Delicate, Paper thin rolled tofu, deep-fried then tossed in a rich spicy Geneal T'so or Spicy orange or mild sesame sauce.

Rolled Tofu, stir-fied with green beans, mushooms, red peppers and onions in a mild wine sauce.

Fresh green beans sauteed in a spicy sauce. Finished with scallions and red peppers.

Asian eggplant and basil sauteed in our spicy curry sauce.

Asian eggplant deep-fied, topped with sauteed bell peppers and onion in a garlic sauce.

Fried tofu sauteed with vegetables in a brown sauce.

Chinese and seasonal vegetables stir-fry.

Chinese and seasonal vegetables sauteed with you choice of cury sauce. Green curry (spicy), Red curry (medium) or Yellow curry (mild).

Chef Specialties

Whole crispy roasted duck, de-boned table side, seved with ssteamed pancake, scallion and plum sauce. (45 min. preparation required).

Fried whole fish, onion, carrot and bell peppers. Topped with sweet spicy garlic sauce. (25 min. preparation required)

Filet of Tilapia or Grouper steamed with ginger and green onion in soy sauce, topped with cilantro and sake wine. Broccoli, baby corn and mushrooms.

Filet of Tilapia, lightly battered and fried. Topped with our special spicy Thai sauce.

Deep-fried filet of Tilapia, topped with ground pork in a Thai chili pepper sauce.

Filet of Tilapia deep-fried, topped with creamy coconut curry sauce and vegetables. Choice of green, red, or yellow curry.

Tender duck sauteed in our creamy coconut curry sauce and vegetables. Choice of green, red, or yellow curry.

Tender beef marinated in Korean B.B.Q. sauce, served on a Sizzling hot plate.

Selected chops, marinated in lemon grass sauce, char-broiled to perfection. Served with cucumber and chili sauce.

Lamb shank, potato, carrots and onion, slow-cooked in a mild curry sauce.

Well marinated Cornish hen fried to perfection, served with yellow curry sauce and coconut rice.

Selected green shell mussels sauteed with baby corn, onion, carrots and bell peppers in a spicy coconut curry sauce.

Filet of Grouper deep-fried, topped with our sweet spicy garlic sauce. Onion and bell peppers.

Grouper steamed with sake wine, black bean sauce, bell peppers and scallion garnished with cilantro.

Bistro Specialties

Chicken, beef, or pork lightly batter deep fried. Sauteed with fresh garlic, scallion and bell peppers carmalized in out sweet spicy garlic sauce.

Bell peppers, onion, carot and green beans stir-fried in a Thai spicy sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu or vegetables.

Onion, ed and Jalapeno peppers, stir-fried in a spicy Teriyaki wine sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu or vegetables.

Choice of chicken, beef or pork quick-stir fried with green and sweet onion in a mild teriyaki wine sauce.

Pea pods, mushroom, baby corn, red pepper and onion stir-fried with Thai chili sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu o vegeables.

Green beans, onion, mushroom and red pepper. Stir-fried in a chili basil sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu or vegetables.

Mushroom, onion, red bell pepper, green beans and Asian eggplant sauteed in a flavorful mild bown sauce. Choice of chicken. beef, pork, tofu or vegetables.

Bell peppers, onion, carrot, bamboo and pea pods. Sauteed in a sweet roasted chili sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu or vegetables.

Broccoli, onion, mushroom and fesh mango, sti-fried in a mild fruity sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork,tofu or vegetables.

Cashew, scallion, geen beans, baby corn and red pepper, sauteed in a Thai chili wine sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu or vegetables.

Tender meat quick-fried in a light batte. Tossed in a sweet sauce with peas and carrots, finished with glazed walnut. Choice of chicken, beef, or pork.

Fresh asparagus, mushroom, baby corn and red bell pepper, stir-fried in a mild wine sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu.

Boneless Chicken breast deep-fried. Glazed in a sweet honey sauce, topped with roasted sesame seeds.

All Time Favorites

Shrimp stir-fried in a delicate white wine sauce, accented with a touch of ginger, tossed with snow peas, mushroom and Chinese vegetables.

Cabbage, mushroom, onion and scramble egg, stir-fry in a Teriyaki sauce. Served with pancake and plum sauce.

Broccoli, bamboo, mushroom, stir-fried in a rich brown sauce.

Chunks of chicken thigh or Beef deep-fried in a light batter, tossed with strips of hot pepper and scallion in a rich sauce.

Chicken, Beef or Pork quick-fried in a light batter, sauteed in a fruity pineapple sauce with onion, ed bell peppers and pineapple.

Slices of tender beef, sauteed with green pepper, onion, bamboo and mushroom in a brown sauce.

Broccoli, mushroom, carrot, baby corn and water chestnuts sauteed in a mild or spicy Hunan sauce. Choice of Chicken, Beef or Pork.

Spicy Hot! Szechuan peppers, roasted peanuts and scallion in a spicy Kung-Pao sauce.

Fresh crisp snow pea pods, stir-fried with chicken breast, Chinese vegetables and mushroom in a white wine sauce.

Broccoli, pea pods, mushroom, carrot and onion stir-fried in a brown sauce.

Spicy szechuan hot pepper adds zing to this dish, mushroom, water chestnuts, bamboo, carrot and green bell pepper, sauteed in a szechuan sauce.

Green beans, water chestnuts, carrot and cashews sauteed in a white garlic sauce.

Beaded shrimp deep fried, onion, carrot, green pepper and pineapple.

Fried Rice

Scrambled egg, onion, peas and carrots. Choice or chicken, beef, pork or vegetables.

House fried rice tossed with yellow curry seasoning. Choice of chicken, beef, pork or vegetables.

House fried rice and pineapple tossed in a sweet pineapple sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork or vegetables.

Onion, Zucchini and bean sprouts tossed with butter and scambled egg. Choice of chicken, beef. pork or vegetables.

Curry Specialties

Green bean, red pepper, onion and avocado sauteed in a semi-spicy curry sauce. Topped with ground peanuts.

Broccoli, onion, carrot and baby corn sauteed with chili and curry.

Sweet onion, carrot, bell peppers, peas and carrots. Sauteed in a spicy curry sauce.

Green bean, onion, bamboo, bell peppers, peas and carots. Sauteed in a spicy curry and coconut milk.

Bamboo, carrot, onion and bell peppers. Sauteed in semi-spicy coconut cury sauce.

Potato, green bean, bamboo and onion. Sauteed in a mild coconut curry sauce.

Onion, carrot and potato, simmered in a mild curry and coconut milk.

Green bean, red pepper and carrot, sauteed in a coconut curry sauce.

Mushroom, onion, red pepper and Asian eggplant, sauteed in a semi-spicy coconut curry sauce.

Mushroom, onion and bamboo, sauteed in a hot curry paste. Choice of Meat, Shrimp, Vegetables or Tofu.

Sushi Starter

Cooked soybean topped with sea salt.

Crab meat and sesame seeds, topped with Mayo dressing.

Seasoned Seaweed and sesame.

Seaweed salad topped with seasoned octopus.

6-8 spears of asparagus deep-fried in tempura batter, served with house special sauce.

Broccoli, mushroom, onion, zucchini, sweet yam and taro deep-fried in tempura batter. Served with ponsu sauce.

Plum shrimps deep-fried in tempura batter, served with ponsu sauce.

Yellowtail cheek, baked with sea salt.

Cucumber wrapped with crab meat. Served with Ebi in a mild sauce.

Tuna lightly pan-fried served in a ponzu sauce.

Small Rolls

Seaweed and Avocado

Seaweed and cucumbe

Crab meat, Cucumber and avocado.

California roll and cream cheese deep-fried, served with yum-yum sauce.

Fresh Tuna and cucumber.

Fresh salmon and cucumber.

Barbecue eel and cucumber.

Ahi tuna and cucumber with spicy mayo.

Fresh salmon and spicy mayo.

Yellowtail, spicy mayo and scallion.

Smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese.

Sushi & Sashimi

Sushi (2pcs with rice)

Sashimi (3pcs without rice)

Sashimi (3pcs without rice)

Maguro (tuna)

Sake (salmon)

Hamachi (yellowtail)

Smoked Salmon

Ebi (cooked shrimp)

Tako (octopus)

Hokkigai (red/white clam)

Unagi (eel)

Ika (squid)

Hirame (flounder)

Ama Ebi (sweet shrimp)

Saba (mackerel)

Shiro Maguro (white tuna)

Hotate (scallop)

Uni (sea urchin)

Tobilko (flying fish roe)

Masago (smelt roe)

Ikura (salmon roe)

Kani (crab stick)

Tamago (egg)

Sushi & Sashimi Sampler

Assorted fish and seafood on top of seasoned sushi rice.

Tuna (2), yellowtail (2), salmon (2), and shrimp (2) accompanied with three pieces of California roll and three pieces of spicy tuna roll.

A gourmet selection of Ahi tuna, yellowtail, salmon and white fish.

Five pieces of nigiri sushi and assorted fish.

Our master chef prepaed a Gourmet selection of fish in Sashimi and Nigiri Sushi.

Big Rolls

Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, cucumber, Avocado, sprouts and spicy mayo.

Crab meat, tempura crunch and spicy mayo sauce. Topped with masago.

Shrimp deep-fried in tempura batter. Wrapped with cream cheese and onion. Served with our sweet mayo sauce

Asparagus, avocado and cream cheese wrapped with rice and deep fried in tempura batter, served with our special sauce.

Avocado, cucumber, oshinko and asparagus.

Salmon, Scallion, Cream Cheese wrapped with rice and deep-fried in a tempura batter. Served with our special sauce.

Salmon, scallion, crab meat and white fish wapped with seaweed deep-fried served with yum-yum sauce.

Tuna, Salmon and Masago rolled with rice outside.

Minced scallop, Tempura cunch and spicy mayo sauce. Topped with masago.

Barbecue Eel, Crab meat and cucumber. Topped with slices of avocado, drizzled with special sauce.

California roll topped with Tuna and fresh mango.

Soft shell Crab lightly batter and fried, Cucumbe, Avocado, Masago and spicy Mayo.

California roll topped with Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail and Shrimp.

California roll with baked Scallops.

Fried Shrimp, cucumber and avocado wrapped in sushi rice. Topped with Unagi and Ebi.

4-5 Ounces of lobster tail baked in butter and garlic. Wrapped with cream cheese, onion and avocado in sushi rice. Served with house special sauce.


Crispy batter fried bananas, ground peanuts coconut ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Warm chocolate filled cake, served with homemade coconut ice cream.

Crispy batter fied bananas, topped with sweet coconut milk.

A light Italian coffee chocolate cheese cake.

Homemade ice cream, made with non-dairy cream and coconut milk.

Brown sticky rice steamed with coconut milk, served with layer of egg custard, coconut milk and ground peanuts.

7" white cake with whipped cream topping & festive sprinkles.

Rich cheese cake and smooth egg custard are two popular delicious desserts combining as one.

Layer of creamy dark and white chocolate mousse.

Classic cheese cake with a twiste of lemon.